Miss Patsy Stonehenge

The Hague’s enrichment to everyone’s life!

Miss Patsy's Profile PictureSuch fun that you’re visiting me digitally!
In short I am:
  • The only Diva city guide of The Hague
  • A Drag Queen with humor & allure
  • A very convincing Female Impersonator
  • Professional transvestite entertainer
So pour yourself a big glass of bubbles, kick your heels in the corner and enjoy all these pages which are exclusively about Moi….. ‘Cause let’s be honest:
Everything is so much more fun when a drag queen does it?!

“If I fall, I stand up. And if I stand up? I stand out!”

Toodles, 💋   
Miss Patsy

Miss Patsy Stonehenge is a professional Drag Queen (transvestite) from The Hague. You can book her for all sorts of appearances, performances, presentations, etc. She is also the only Diva whom organizes special (and so unique) city tours through The Hague’s city center as a tour guide.
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